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About Us
About HoBIAO


Hi, I’m Mohamed Jamoza, the founder of Home Business Ideas And Opportunities (HoBIAO)! HoBIAO is the one-stop resource center for anyone who’s interested in starting an online business with little or no investment, at home or anywhere.

What to Expect

Online business has become the order of the day these days. Almost everyone has their own home business that they run over the internet. In fact, hundreds of online business are getting started every hour of everyday. People are starting blogs, ecommerce stores, youtube channels, facebook pages and more, just to earn that extra income. Some make it their full-time sources of income. Therefore, you really don’t want to be left behind.

You may want to start a blog to share your knowledge with the world too! BUT you’re afraid that you don’t have the required skills or experience and have no idea what those weird computing acronyms mean. Maybe you don’t have any money to invest in that. So where do you start?

For a couple of years now, I’ve made very good friends with different skills and we decided to come up with the best idea that will make it easy for anyone to build their own money-making website without requiring any skills or money. It wasn’t easy but we finally managed to do that.

That’s what this website is all about- offering our readers the chance to have their own websites built within 24 hours. A website that they can easily use to make lots of profits. The best thing is that we also provide them FREE training on how to maximise their profits using the resources that we provide for them, most of which are free too.

I provide all the secrets and most important tools for a successful blogging. I try day and night as much as I can to make the life of a blogger easier.

I’ll share with you my tools and howtos that you can use in the real world (not just theory)

Why I’m doing this?

I created HoBIAO because I want to help out beginners who feel like they’re hamsters running on a treadmill and getting nowhere.

I’m aware exactly of what it feels like because I’ve been there. I want to tell you that it’s possible to succeed at blogging or running any other online business and I can help you reach that goal.

My blog is geared towards:

  • Beginners who are looking to dip their toes in the world of blogging
  • Small blog owners who are looking to improve their blogs
  • And anyone else who wants to learn about the blogging world

If you’ve ever struggled with any of these issues:

  • “Is blogging the right thing for me?”
  • “How do I start blogging?”
  • “Which types of blogs suit me?”
  • “How do I improve my blog?”
  • “How do I get more readers?”
  • “How can I monetize my blog?”
  • “Which are the best affiliate programs for me?”
  • “How do I keep up with the latest trends in the blogging space?”

You’re in the right place. 

If you want to know more about anything you can reach out to me here.